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  • Is the amount of wanted redundancy (confidence that files can be recovered later) settable by the renter?
  • Is it possible to peer with "friends" only, to create a local network, including a separate blockchain?
  • Is it possible to do away with the blockchain completely for personal networks and simply offer space for free? Does setting "0 SC" price achieve that?
  • Do wallet passphrases have to be so long? Couldn't, say, four or five words work (I reckon that would be in the ballpark of 1000 billion combinations)?
  • What is the difference between "local recover" and "remote recover"? Can hosts spreads your file more thoroughly when they detect dangerous situations, without your own daemon's intervention?
  • If i wanted to use Sia as a "sync" folder for several computers, would I have to somehow sync the "renter" directory using other software? Could it be synced using Sia itself?
  • What is the format to announce an IPv4 or an IPv6 when manually announcing through siac? Should a port be specified, and if so, which port?
  • Would a lightweight (mobile, perhaps) client that downloads no blockchain at all be a possibility? Would it then have to be read-only (no wallet, no upload)?
  • Why does Sia often cause a large amount of inbound internet traffic (like maxing out one's bandwidth), even though the amount of disk space taken up by the Sia directory doesn't seem to increase?
  • When I transfer 10 SC from one host to another, host A loses 20 SC even though host B only gains 10 SC. Is that a bug?
No, there is a fixed fee of 10 SC for each transaction.
  • Transfers (both uploads and downloads) seem to be very slow and to happen in bursts. Is this just a practical problem with the current small network?