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Here's a comparison of registrars that seem to be cheap and offer attractive services. So far I've narrowed it down to two that get often mentioned on cheapskate-admin forums, Namesilo and Porkbun with its disconcerting name.

Both offer nameservers, domain privacy(wp), subdomains, and mail forwarding(wp).



  • 100 email forwards with SRS(wp) support and catch-all(wp); the same address can forward to multiple destinations (up to 5)
  • supports sub-users with limited capabilities, for management without giving other people full control over the account
  • has an extensive API that can do just about everything the web interface can

Why not?Edit

  • the web interface is "dated", and some people don't seem to have a problem with that but others do
  • they have been known to drop some customers that ran politically incorrect sites, which I suppose can be fine depending on opinions
  • does not support OATH for 2FA(wp), but only SMS and now their own non-standard app



  • probably the cheapest registrar available for the cheapest TLDs
  • more extensive DNSSEC(wp) support
  • reportedly fast and competent support
  • supports 2FA with SMS or OATH(wp)
  • supports delegating specific subdomains to other nameservers
  • supports CAA records(wp)
  • snappy interface

Why not?Edit

  • limited to 10 mail forwards with no catchall or anything, and apparently no SRS (mail I've tried sending tests to be graylisted, i.e. delayed)
  • an API seems to be in development but for now there is practically none (just unauthenticated API to query for domains)


I think that somewhat counter-intuitively, Porkbun is better for bigger sites, where its limitations won't matter much because you will use your own mail and management infrastructure anyway, while perhaps you can benefit from the better DNSSEC and CAA, if you stay on their nameservers. Namesilo might be better for small sites with a small group of people where each should have email forwards and some domain management abilities, and you cannot afford to be fancy and have your own mailserver and other stuff.